Nashville Mayor Briley challenges Tennessee's sanctuary city law

Sep 4, 2019

Nashville Mayor David Briley issues Executive Order Eleven, Sept. 3, 2019.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- Mayor David Briley said this week that Tennessee’s anti-sanctuary cities law is making Nashville less safe and city attorneys will challenge the law in court.


During a press conference Tuesday morning Briley said the state law allows criminals to flourish because immigrants fear interacting with police. 

“We’re not a strong Nashville, when Nashvillians can’t feel free to participate in the systems that are in place to protect us all and keep everyone safe.”

The same argument was made last year in the General Assembly when the law was being debated. Former Maury County Republican Rep. Sheila Butt insisted the measure would free law enforcement to make Tennessee safer.

“We are giving our sheriffs cover to carry out their constitutional authority to do your job as sheriffs in the state of Tennessee.”

Mayor Briley said he has ordered Metro Police to refrain from asking citizenship questions and to take such questions off of their forms.