Nashville Police officer resigns after confrontation

Jul 31, 2019

Credit youtube

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A white police officer shown on video grabbing a black woman and throwing her against a vehicle during a traffic stop in Tennessee has resigned.

Nashville police said in a statement Tuesday that Officer Barrett Teague's resignation will be effective after he serves a 30-day suspension without pay for conduct unbecoming a member of the police department.

It says the confrontation happened July 3, and the department decommissioned him the following day after becoming aware of the video.

The woman, Adreneyonia Ensley, told WTVF-TV this month that Teague told her the car's tags were expired. She said she went to look at the tags, and video showed the officer grabbing her and throwing her against another vehicle. She said she believed she was targeted because of her race.