RuCo commissioners set to consider resolution defying federal law

Jan 6, 2016


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  Rutherford County Commissioners are set to vote later this month on a resolution encouraging state officials to resist Supreme Court decisions that violate Tennessee law.

The Daily News Journal reports that the non-binding resolution was forwarded by the Steering Committee to the full County Commission for consideration at its meeting January 14.

County Commissioner Adam Coggin proposed the resolution and says the intent is to show support for the efforts of state lawmakers to resist federal laws that conflict with state law.

Rulings in recent years by the nation’s highest court concerning gay marriage and the federal Affordable Care Act have proven controversial.

Commissioner Robert Peay expressed concern about the proposed resolution during Monday’s night’s meeting, asking if the intent was to encourage people to ignore “the law of the land.”

WZTV-TV reports that the Dickson County Commission recently put forward a similar resolution denouncing the Supreme Court’s decision affirming same sex marriage. That measure will be review by the full commission on January 19.