Scooters to remain on Nashville streets...for now

Aug 22, 2019


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- The rental scooters offered by companies Bird and Lime will be allowed to remain on Nashville streets.

A measure by Councilman Steve Glover to ban scooters failed during Tuesday night’s council session. Glover’s bill cited data from Vanderbilt and St. Thomas indicating their ER doctors are treating two to three scooter related injuries a day and an average of one traumatic brain injury a month.

In spite of those grim statistics, District 26 Rep. Jeremy Elrod urged the council to give scooters more time.

“It’s gonna take us a while to work on these scooters and get it right, but we need to keep working on it. We can’t just turn it down because they’re hard.”

This past month the council placed significant new restrictions on scooter rentals. Those restrictions include limiting the number of companies renting scooters, reducing hours of operation, and requiring more rider training.