The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement arrives in Middle Tennessee

Jan 29, 2020


LEBANON, Tenn. (WMOT) -- The Wilson County Commission Monday night passed a so-called Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution.


WKRN-TV quotes the resolution saying the county won’t enforce laws that infringe on the right to “keep and bear arms.”


The resolution does not have the force of law. Constitutional experts note that it would be superseded in any event by state and federal law.


John Harris with the pro-gun Tennessee Firearms Association. says nearly 20 counties have now passed similar resolutions. He says they’re in reaction to proposed, so-called red flag laws. The laws would allow authorities to seize guns people judged a threat to the community.


“Those have passed in a few states, but if you look nationally there’s a huge pushback from Second Amendment advocates.”

A red flag law stalled in the Tennessee Legislature last year. Another such bill has already been introduced this session.

Rutherford County Commissioners are currently considering a similar resolution.