Sunday alcohol sales bill passes Tennessee House

Apr 10, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/WMOT)  --  A bill that would allow liquor sales on Sunday passed the Tennessee House Monday evning after passionate debate among lawmakers.

The measure would allow grocery stores to sell wine on Sundays and liquor stores to be open for business seven days. Chattanooga Republican Gerald McCormick is a bill sponsor.

“Tennessee will join 40 other states in repealing this outdated regulation, including five of the states that surround Tennessee and that we’re in a competitive situation with.”


Dresden Republican Andy Holt spoke in opposition, citing a Bible passage out of Exodus saying the Sabbath should be kept holy.

“It’s interesting to me that we can’t hardly have an activity in Tennessee now that we don’t all just get slap-dog drunk; that we put alcohol in every venue. You know what we’re doing? We’re just extending it another day.”

The House passed the bill 55-35. The Tennessee Senate will vote on the bill Thursday.