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Oct 15, 2020

Donate to WMOT and keep the music playing





In uncertain times, your support keeps us going. Thank you for supporting WMOT.

Questions about membership? Contact Katie Morris at 615-898-2800 or

The past seven months have been challenging for our community. The global pandemic and March tornadoes created serious economic headwinds for us and this is the biggest financial test we’ve ever faced. The music lovers we serve need our inspiring and trusted programming more than ever, and we know this is true because a record number of you are listening to and relying on WMOT during these uncertain and unsettling times.

WMOT is important to you. So, we are asking you to help us protect and strengthen the WMOT programming you value most during our Fall Fund Drive October 16-24.  

This fall’s drive is shorter, quieter and more digital than previous years. In the coming days we will reach out with opportunities to make your donations go farther through matching challenges that provide meals to those in need and support adoptions and critical medical care for pets in search of a forever home.

If you’ve never donated before, please consider a one-time or monthly contribution. If you are already a member, I hope you will consider increasing your support.

Individual donors have always been our most important and dependable source of support, and that is why WMOT is fundamentally strong. But we are not immune to the current financial challenges. Your donation right now makes a big difference in our ability to provide this essential public service to you and to all Middle Tennesseans.

WMOT, radio of, by and for the people, is here for you, and we’re asking you to be here for us. Give generously today and know you are making a huge difference.

Every listener, member and donor can be part of our vital public service in new and bold ways, and we can meet this challenge together.

We are so grateful.