Teacher's union says it was 'lied to" by some Nashville council members

Jun 21, 2019

Credit mnea.com

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (O'BRIEN) -- Metro Nashville teachers believed they had the votes in City Council to pass a budget and property tax increase that would give them the raises they wanted and felt they deserved.



Instead, the proposal failed Tuesday night by a single vote. Teachers union President Erick Huth said his group will now take the fight to the ballot box.

“There a number of candidates who basically, misled us or lied to us, in the meetings we had, and so we’re accessing which ones we’re going to endorse.”

During debate, Councilman Jeremy Elrod complained he needed more time to properly consider the four budgets under consideration, and taxpayers needed time for public comment.

“The work product of all of that is not being discussed for very long amongst us as a body, but I think most importantly amongst the public.”

After two hours of debate the council passed the budget proposed by Mayor David Briley. The mayor’s budget provides a small raise for teachers, but does not include a property tax increase.