Tenn. Democrats added to Biden's impressive Super Tuesday performance

Mar 4, 2020

Democratic presidential primary candidates Senator Bernie Sanders (L) and Former Vice President Joe Biden.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Mike Osborne) -- Tennessee is one of nine states voting decisively on Super Tuesday for former Vice President Joe Biden. 


Statewide, Biden pulled down roughly 41 percent of the ballots cast in the Democratic primary. Bernie Sanders picked up about 25 percent of the votes cast. Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren a distant third and fourth.



  In Metro Nashville, Biden took home about 35 percent of the Democratic ballots cast. Sanders came in a distant second in Davidson County voting with 27 percent of the vote. Warren edged Bloomberg by just 2 percentage points to come in third in citywide voting.


President Donald Trump pulled down 96 percent of the statewide Republican ballots cast and 95 percent in Metro Nashville.