Tenn. Senator Alexander seeks compromise in hyper-partisan Congress

May 29, 2019

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander (R) and Washington State Senator Patty Murray (D)
Credit congress.gov

WASHINGTON, DC (OSBORNE) -- Collaboration isn't something the nation's capitol is known for these days, but Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Washington State Democrat Patty Murray are the exception.

Murray is the minority leader on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that Alexander chairs. The two have worked closely to advance a number of legislative initiatives in recent years.

Alexander and Murray are currently pushing colleagues to consider several proposals intended to lower health care costs. Among them, Alexander notes an effort to make those costs more transparent.

“In other words, to make sure that you know the prices of what you’re paying for, so that if you can pay a lower price - and still get a good quality - you’re able to do that.”

Draft legislation by Alexander and Murray makes some three dozen other proposals, including an effort to control the cost of diabetic insulin.