Tenn. Senator Blackburn wants Americans to have more control over 'digital you'

Apr 11, 2019

Senator Marsha Blackburn
Credit senate.gov

WASHINGTON, DC. (OSBORNE) -- Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn is proposing legislation that would force internet service providers to offer “clear and conspicuous notice of their privacy policies.”

Blackburn’s proposal would also mandate users be given “opt-in” choices about how their personal information is used. Companies would not be permitted to deny service to customers who “refuse to waive their privacy rights.”

During Senate hearings Wednesday, Blackburn also suggested a stronger role for federal regulators.

“This week Senator Klobuchar and I sent a letter to the FTC urging stronger action for bad actors in the tech sector. Americans are rightfully concerned about who owns their virtual you.”

However, some of Blackburn's fellow conservatives are pushing back against the idea of additional federal oversight. Americans for Prosperity recently released a statement saying “The FTC should not be granted broad rulemaking authority.”