TENNESSEE 2020: Beacon Impulse seeks cap on local property taxes

Feb 4, 2020

Credit beaconimpact.org

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- With Gov. Bill Lee's annual State of the State speech behind them, lawmakers now begin the steady slog toward adjournment in late April or early May.

WMOT is wrapping up it's annual examination of the legislative priorities of constituencies from across the political spectrum. We hear next from Beacon Impact, associated with a conservative, Nashville-based think tank.

CEO Justin Owen says Beacon Impact will support efforts by Republican lawmakers to cap how much local governments can raise property taxes each year. He complains efforts to lower taxes at the state level have been offset by increased taxation at the local level. 

“That’s probably true no more across that state than it is in Murfreesboro and Rutherford County where their taxes went up by 40 percent in one year.”

Owen is suggesting a fiver percent cap, with any request above that amount required to seek voter approval.

Beacon Impact will also support adding so-called Right-to-Work provisions to the State Constitution. In addition, Beacon hopes to further reduce the number of professional occupations requiring a state license.