TENNESSEE 2020: House Democrats hope to repeal Gov. Lee's school voucher plan

Jan 9, 2020

Rep. Mike Stewart (D) Nashville
Credit capitol.tn.gov

  NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- With Tennessee’s General Assembly set to begin its 2020 session next week, WMOT is exploring the legislative priorities of various mid-state constituencies.

Today we talk with State Rep. Mike Stewart. The Nashville Democrat leads the House Democratic Caucus.

Stewart says priority one will continue to be pressing the Republican majority to expand Medicaid coverage. It's a proposal legislators have twice rejected.

Stewart says Democrats will also work to repeal a school voucher law championed by the governor and passed last year.

“I think the bill is illegal and unconstitutional, not properly passed. That said, we just need to get rid of it and reverse it.”

Stewart notes the voucher plan was also unpopular with many Republicans and passed the House by a single vote. He believes repeal is possible.