TENNESSEE 2020: LGBTQ community suffers early legislative defeat

Jan 16, 2020

Credit tnequalityproject.org

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- With the State Assembly’s 2020 session now underway, WMOT is talking to constituencies across the political spectrum about their legislative priorities.


Chris Sanders with the LGBT advocacy group Tennessee Equality Project. Sanders says the organization will fight a proposed bill targeting transgender high school athletes. Sanders notes students would be restricted to sports based on their birth gender. 


“The Tennessee bill has a penalty of $10,000 for school administrators who don’t enforce the law and it also voids all public funding for that school district if they will not enforce the law.”

Sanders says Tennessee’s LGBTQ community is expecting a difficult legislative session.

The first bill passed by the Assembly on Tuesday would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against same sex couples. Gov. Bill Lee has promised to sign the bill into law.