Tennessee lawmakers consider guns on college campuses

Feb 6, 2020

State Rep. Rush Bricken (R) Tullahoma, TN, and State Senator Janice Bowling, (R) Tullahoma, TN.
Credit capitol.tn.gov

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Christina Gilbert) -- A bill is up for consideration in the Tennessee legislature that would allow students to carry guns on college campuses.

Republican Senator Janice Bowling and State Rep. Rush Bricken are sponsoring a bill that would allow college students to carry concealed guns on campus as long as they hold a concealed carry permit.

State lawmakers passed a law in 2017 that allows college faculty and staff to carry concealed guns on campuses. The law requires anyone doing so to have a concealed carry permit and register with campus police or local law enforcement.

The proposal to allow students to carry on campus is waiting to be assigned to its first committee for initial consideration.