Tennessee politicos reaction to President Trump's Iran address swift, partisan

Jan 9, 2020

Credit whitehouse.gov

WASHINGTON, DC (OSBORNE) -- Tennessee’s Congressional delegation was quick to react to President Donald Trump’s Wednesday address to the nation concerning the conflict with Iran.


Nashville Democrat Jim Cooper wrote in a Twiter post that “The president’s remarks did nothing to reduce tensions with Iran, and may have only made the situation more dangerous.”


East Tennessee Republican Rep. Phil Roe told Sinclair Broadcasting he felt Trump’s remarks struck just the right balance.


“He offered a fig leaf, put the ball in their court. He said, ‘Look we want you to be successful. We want your country to do fine, do well, but you have to join the civilized world to do that.'”

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn echoed the president’s call for NATO allies to join the U.S. in stepping up pressure on Iran.”