Thousands registering daily for 4 (max) stand-by COVID-19 vaccinations

Jan 13, 2021


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Mike Osborne)  --  New details emerged Tuesday concerning Nashville’s COVID-19 vaccination appointment system.

In addition to the appointment plan, Metro has also launched a standby vaccination list in an effort to ensure that scarce doses of the vaccine never go to waste.

However, new details from health officials via social media reveal that there will never be more than four Nashvillians selected from the standby list on any given day. 

Individuals selected must be able to show up at the designated clinic within 30 minutes of being called. To stay on the list, you have to re-register by email every day.

The Metro Health Department noted in a social media post that some 15,000 city residents added their names to the waiting list on Tuesday alone.