VA offers combat recovery program at its Nashville campus

Jul 31, 2019


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- The Nashville VA will this fall offer a combat trauma recovery program for veterans, active duty personnel, and their families. 

The VA began offering Reboot Combat Recovery in 2011 and holds the course twice each year. 

Topics include avoiding harmful coping mechanisms, dealing with guilt, finding forgiveness, dealing with the loss of comrades, depression, suicide and a plan for recovery.

VA Chaplain George Adams will facilitate the course. He says vets are invariably happy they attended, but start out apprehensive.

“They are hesitant to want to go back to that place and sort of dig up what they experienced and to talk about it openly. So there’s reservations about it, there’s a little discomfort about it.”

The next Reboot Combat Recovery class begins September 5 and continues for 12 weeks. Be advised that Reboot is a faith-based course.


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