"What Got Us Through" Quarantune Picks From WMOT Staff

Mar 24, 2021


Throughout this pandemic year a couple of themes kept surfacing: How important music is, and how necessary radio has become. It is almost like it was a rediscovery of what is important to our lives, as we stayed put and didn’t go to work, venues, or stores, even. This week is WMOT’s Spring Fund Drive, and as you have conveyed that we have helped you through, we are now asking for your support. Please give what you are able to at WMOT.org, whether it’s a one-time, monthly or yearly tax-deductible donation, whatever fits your budget. 

In keeping with the “What Got Us Through” theme, tonight we present a Side By Side Tuesday Night Special, Quarantunes, which are picks from the WMOT Staff as to which songs got us through in this most different and difficult of years.