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90 Second Spin: Miranda Lambert shares heartbreak, healing on "The Weight of These Wings"

Miranda Lambert

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RHIANNON GILBERT) -- Two-time Grammy Award winner Miranda Lambert released her new double-album “The Weight of These Wings” on Nov. 18.

Lambert has never been described as shy, so the artist’s private approach to her recent divorce from country singer Blake Shelton had fans itching to get their hands on the new album to hear her side of the story. In two CD’s, titled “The Nerve” and “The Heart,” respectively, Lambert chronicles the ups and downs of love lost and a future changed.

Her heartache is palpable in several tracks, like “Tin Man,” where she bargains to trade her heart for the Wizard of Oz character’s armor against a slow acoustic guitar and the lonely sound of a cold wind blowing.


But with the lows come the highs, and Lambert is never fragile for long. She took an experimental approach to this album, with funky rock and electronic influences driving subject matter that goes beyond sadness to restless anger, flirtation, drinking, and a lot about life on the road.


Twenty of the 24 tracks were penned by Lambert herself, who lets listeners in on her healing process from heartbreak and uncertainty, to new beginnings and lessons learned.