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Vandoliers and Kyle Frederick Celebrate New Releases with Live Sessions

Vandoliers and Kyle Frederick
Vandoliers and Kyle Frederick

Vandoliers recently released their new self-titled album, full of the band's signature country-infused rock. The album showcases the Vandoliers' unique sound and is sure to get your feet moving with its catchy hooks and driving rhythms. It's easily their most cohesive album to date, with powerful tracks affirming that these rowdy, rollicking country punks have never sounded so tight or produced a more sonically compelling audio experience. The Vandoliers unquestionably proves why they're one of America’s fastest-growing rock bands.

Though they hail from Texas, the Vandoliers are not your typical country band. Instead of singing about trucks and beer bottles, this group roars into songs that can only be described as chaotic rock n' roll with elements plucked from many genres - even pop music. Listeners will hear tons of guitar riffs alongside breezy melodies and maybe even an ode or two to the 80s. The album was recorded with Grammy-winning producer Eric Delegard, resulting in a sound that can easily appeal across multiple platforms of musical preference; fans of punktry or those looking for some indie rock flavor will find exactly that.

If you're a fan of eclectic, genre-bending rock that results in memorable live shows, check out the Vandoliers' new self-titled album. You won't be disappointed.

Tune in this Friday, September 2nd, at 12 PM CST to catch The Vandoliers' live session for Finally Friday from Home.

Kentucky-born, current Tennessee resident Kyle Frederick's latest album Mr. Mercurial is a dive deep into the many facets of love - from its highest highs to its lowest lows and everything in between. The result isn't just moving, it is a stunningly original record that defies expectations of what Nashville music usually sounds like. The album is filled with sounds that subvert traditional rock performance traits like drums and electric guitars, allowing him to take on different elements from classic Nashville genres such as country-tinged pop ballads or folk songs about heartbreak. Themes include examinations of spiritual malaise, celebrity culture to the myth of rock n roll.

Co-producer Byron House adds keyboards, percussion, and background vocals, alongside Frederick's guitar work which provides the backbone for every track; he plays only acoustic guitars throughout all these eclectic styles without ever sounding repetitive or boring because there is so much depth within each composition due to how cleverly crafted their melodies truly are.

The pandemic years have been tough for Frederick, but he’s found comfort in the things that truly matter. Mr. Mecurial is his fifth outing with co-producer House, resulting in songs that were all written during a time period when many people are sorting through their past while trying to figure out what comes next. Frederick still finds hope despite uncertainty around every corner because he believes the rollercoaster ride of love is worth living through. If that doesn't convince you to check out the album, maybe the addition of gospel star Odessa Settles on the track "Write On" will.

Tune in this week to Finally Friday from Home at 12:30 PM CST to catch Frederick playing songs from the album.

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