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SlideSHOW: Love Rising At Bridgestone By Ed Rode

Nashville musicians are champs when it comes to putting together artist-driven benefit concerts to help others, but the recent Love Rising show set a new bar for speed, intensity and participation. As soon as Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed Republican-led laws that targeted the LGBTQ community, leading artists like Allison Russell and Jason Isbell started rounding up friends and a team to stage a full-scale arena show at Bridgestone in a matter of days. Here’s my story of how it came together. The night was epic with a packed arena, about two dozen artists performing, a sizable house band led by guitarist Megan McCormick, and a slate of guest drag queens and speakers live and via video. It’s been widely covered as one of the signature events of the year so far, including a profound essay by NPR’s Ann Powers. And we’re bringing you this set of images by veteran Nashville music photographer Ed Rode. You’ve seen his work here illustrating features about Kendell Marvel, Ketch Secor, Rachel Baiman and more. We’re grateful for his skill, experience and his willingness to share it with you. Visit Ed’s world of photography HERE.

Ed Rode
Jason Isbell
Ed Rode
Paramore lead singer Haley Williams (right) is joined by Bryan O'Connor singing Deanna Carter's "Did I Shave My Legs For This?"

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