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The Old Fashioned #70

The Grascals
The Grascals

My co-host found herself too far off the grid to join me for this one, so I took her fine suggestions – including the divine Bob and Sarah Amos – and wove them into new music from some of our faves and some bluegrass classics. Becky Buller and Jim Lauderdale collaborated on the new single “Wall Around Your Heart,” a great one by Chris Hillman. The Grascals are back with the return of singer/guitarist Jamie Johnson and his song “I Go” that confronts his battles with addiction. I’ve been thinking about Kentucky bluegrass recently and that led to checking out Louisville’s Bibelhauser Brothers who turned in a terrific “What Would You Give” on their current album Close Harmony. And for some reason, the subject of incarceration was on my mind last week, leading to a cell block of prison songs from Del McCoury, Tony Rice, Ronnie Bowman and Barry Abernathy. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time folks.

Lonesome Ace Stringband - Catlettsburg
The Grascals - I Go
Bibelhauser Brothers - What Would You Give
Wood Box Heroes - No. 444
The Traditional Grass - The Shuffle Of My Feet
Jared Finck - Quick Stream
Full Cord - Ghost of Good Times
Natalie Padilla - Old Kentucky Whiskey
Bob and Sarah Amos - The Hills That I Call Home
Molskey's Mountain Drifters - Closing The Gap
Ronnie Bowman - Stone Walls And Steel Bars
Del McCoury - The Prisoner's Song
Tony Rice - Doing My Time
Barry Abernathy - Birmingham Jail
Becky Buller and Jim Lauderdale - Wall Around Your Heart
Jack Cooke - Gotta Travel On
Tessa Dillon - Blue Goose
Foreign Landers - Garden