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The Old Fashioned #101

Alison Brown and Steve Martin
Alison Brown and Steve Martin

April is big for weddings, and we’re seeing quite a lot of pairing up out there in bluegrass land, maybe not forever but for special projects that are making the Spring a lot more tuneful. We open this week for example with one of Tony Trischka’s recent collaborations on his upcoming Earl Scruggs tribute album. Here he brings on Molly Tuttle for a sweet version of the old moonshining song “Dooley.” Pictured here are Alison Brown and her friend Steve Martin, a man who’s made me laugh for fifty years but whose banjo skills are quite serious. Their release is a tribute to folks like us who DJ the BG, called “Bluegrass Radio.” Another pair with some hot blue music is Junior Sisk joined by Dan Tyminksi for “A Man Like Me.” Also this week, a new instrumental group called EZRA, a show premiere from Nashville's Jack McKeon, and a new single from the Wood Box Heroes.

The Onlies - Pretty Polly Ann
Tony Trischka - Dooley
Larry Sparks - Long Way To Denver
Nora Brown - Twin Sisters
Alison Brown and Steve Martin - Bluegrass Radio
Wood Box Heroes - Cannonball
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - This Train
EZRA - Contrabuffoon
Dave Evans - Highway 52
Brad Leftwich and the Humdingers - Indian Ate a Woodchuck
Jack McKeon - Last Slice Of Heaven
Authentic Unlimited - Memories of Home
The Corn Dodgers - Birmingham
Charles Sawtelle - The Newz Reel
Junior Sisk with Dan Tyminski - A Man Like Me
Brittany Haas and Lena Jonsson - Girl Down The Road
Jake Blount and Tatiana Hargreaves - We're Going To Hunt The Buffalo
Bill and the Belles - Lonesome Blues