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The Loh Down on Science “May Kick-off Contest” Proves Science is Elementary

Hats off to all of the radio stations who shared our contest in their community!  You have some of the smartest kids around!   Our winning school is Aldama Elementary School, a Dual-Immersion School in Los Angeles, California.   Aldama will use the money to transform a classroom into a magical science laboratory where students will design, hypothesize, solve problems, record data and discover how the world works.

Thirty-five schools competed in the first website competition for “The Loh Down on Science,” the syndicated humorous yet informative radio science minute program that airs on more than 140 radio stations around the world. 

“We wanted to create a science tool that is fun, useful and responsive for our communities,” said Sandra Tsing Loh, Caltech physics graduate, author, and comedian for whom the show is named.   “Although, of course, as engineers say, ‘When you launch a rocket, 1000 things can happen—only one of which is good.’   And the good news is that radio stations and their communities are finding our bite-sized science material is worth sharing. So visit our online laboratory and try it out.  Like our radio show, it’s free, you’ll learn science, and your station and your community could be our next big winners!

Originating at Caltech in 2005, the show is currently produced by LDOS Media Lab through a generous grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.   “We believe humor makes knowledge sticky,” said Loh. “There is no limit to the science we can present—whether it be in astronomy, biology, computers, evolution, global warming, psychology, politics, sports or beyond—as long as we can make the gist of it graspable in 90 seconds. Our audiences are experts and novices, old and young.”