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PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

It's a day of high drama, intrigue and scandal around the world.

North Korea tops the show after the reported execution of Kim Jong Un's former mentor and uncle Jang Song Thaek for treason.  Sokeel Park of the Seoul-based NGO Liberty in North Korea tells Marco this is an amazing turn of events because the regime has never before openly admitted the possibility of rebellion against the Kim leadership.  We'll explore the implications both inside and outside North Korea and turn to China specialist and former Obama official Jeffrey Bader for the reaction in China.

Next, startling revelations about the case of CIA agent Robert Levenson who went missing in Iran seven years ago -- including the fact that the CIA paid his family $2.5 million to head off a lawsuit. We'll speak to the team of AP reporters who broke the story.

Later, what does the US owe the Pakistani doctor who supposedly helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden? The World's Aaron Schachter explores the ethical questions behind the life-and-death decisions of spycraft.

Plus, Mandela's remarkable tolerance for people making fun of him.... and where cabbies go to pray in New York City.