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PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman

It's certainly Monday, but no one's Blue about it here in Boston.

After all, we're running at a balmy 51 degrees this morning. We do, however, realize that many of you are not so lucky, thanks to a little something called, ominously, the "polar vortex." We're certainly curious about what the extremely cold weather is all about, and so we'll chat with climate reporter Eric Holthaus to get some answers. We'll also take you north to Yellowknife, Canada, where -30 degrees is pretty standard winter fare. Hopefully, we can give you some tips on staying warm!

Also, the guys from the popular Sinica podcast will tell us what's ahead for China in 2014. And we'll head to California to find out about an influx of French entrepreneurs who admire the late Steve Jobs, and are frustrated by the lack of IT ambition and opportunities in their native France. So, they've pulled up stakes and lit out for the Wild West of Silicon Valley.

All that, plus remembering one of Brazilian soccer's truly great artists, Eusebio, who died this weekend at the age of 71.