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The Top Story on The World Today is Russia's Actions in the Ukraine

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

Forget that post-Olympic glow.  There's a definite chill in the air. 

Russia's actions in Ukraine top the show today.  We'll begin the show with a story from Natalia Antelava, our reporter on the ground in Crimea.  Natalia is in Simferopol, where residents are going on with their daily lives -- but all are on edge.  We'll also hear from Moscow, where correspondent Charles Maines has been sampling opinion -- and shooting some great photos to also tell the story. Plus our own history guy, Chris Woolf, explores why Crimea is so important to Russia.

Also today, we have the next story in our Ninth Month series on pregnancy and childbirth around the globe. Anders Kelto reports from Malawi where women traditionally don't speak openly about their pregnancies. It's a culture of silence that is detrimental to both mother and child. Anders profiles one effort to break through this barrier of secrecy.

And away from real-world woes, one MILLION competitors went online to play a video game called Twitch Plays Pokemon over the past two weeks. It all started with an Australian gamer who dreamed up a game of Pokemon that people around the globe could play simultaneously. Each person is issuing different computer commands to one character in the game. Marco speaks with one of those players, journalist and gamer Chris Berrow.