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Syria's Ambassador Allwoed 25 Mile Travel Radius in New York on the World for 3-7-13

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

For every reporter covering events in Ukraine, every day brings a different twist and turn.  For our reporter, Natalia Antelava...it means being stuck in Crimea.

Natalia was supposed to leave Crimea today and head to Kiev. But she couldn't get a flight out -- so Natalia is there to tell us all about the Crimean Parliament's latest move: the bumping up of a referendum on leaving Ukraine and joining Russia to next week. While we're in that part of the world, we'll also take a look at how energy supply, demand and transport are playing into the geo-politics of the current crisis. Plus, for you literary types, we've got a treat: we'll tell you about the role and image of Crimea in Russian literature, art and film.

Also, stuck in New York.

Or, well, a 25 mile radius around New York. The State Department has confirmed that Syria's ambassador to the United Nations is now limited in how far he can travel. The move comes after months of pressure from Syrian American groups opposed to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. We turn to veteran UN watcher Colum Lynch to find out how such moves are enforced, and whether other diplomats in New York have similar restrictions.