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The World Looks Back at the Fukushima Disaster and Tails Lydia the Great White Shark for 3-11-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

Today this question is on our minds: how can an intercontinental passenger jet literally DISAPPEAR in this high tech era of ours?  The World's Matthew Bell reports on the possible whereabouts of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Plus, three years after Fukushima, what's the damage and what are the lessons learned? Marco chats with PBS Newshour Correspondent Miles O'Brien about his recent reporting in Japan.

We're also on the tail of Lydia the Great White Shark. All 2000 pounds and 14 feet of her. Scientists tagged her a year ago off the coast of Florida and have been following her exploits ever since. She's now crossing the Atlantic Ocean and headed for Ireland. Marco chats with Greg Skomal, senior scientist with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

And Clark Boyd has our Sideways Glance today: For the past year and a half, professional photographer Andrew Whyte has been carrying around a Lego minifigure with him, and posing him in a daily photograph...allowing the viewer to see the world from the little guy's forced perspective. Now, with the Lego movie, Whyte's project is getting more attention than ever.  To quote from the movie itself, everything is awesome!