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The World Takes a Look at Two International Cliffhangers for 3-14-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

Two cliff hangers end the week.  Washington and European capitals are on edge over Ukraine.  And much of the globe is on edge over the the fate of a Malaysia Airlines jet and its crew and passengers.

Also, that most meaningful relationship in our lives: our cars.  We continue to explore the history of the Arab Oil Embargo of 40 years ago. Today, Jon Miller reports on how the crisis changed the way Americans thought about driving, at least for a while.

And a shake-up for the image of the iconic American farmer.  Today, there's a shortage of farmers in the US. Jason Margolis reports on one solution: reaching out to minorities, including immigrants, in urban areas and preaching the gospel of learning to grow your own food.

Also today, the 6-piece Marine Corps Jazz ensemble visits the Fraser Performance Studio here at WGBH. And Shuka Kalantari reports on the US debut of the Afghan group Kabul Dreams at SXSW.