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Story of a Toy that was Supposed to Help People Light Their Homes

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

What's your lucky number? Hold your answer, we'll get back to it.

The Oscar Pistorius trial continues in South Africa today, with the accused on the stand. We'll check in with BBC correspondent Milton Nkozi, who is from South Africa. We'll ask him how Pistorius is faring in the South African court of opinion.

We'll also head to eastern Ukraine to get the latest from Donetsk on the back-and-forth between those who want to break away from the country and join Russia, and those who would prefer to remain part of Ukraine.

Also, the story of a toy that was supposed to help revolutionize the way people in developing countries light their homes. The SOCCKET is a soccer ball by day. As you kick it, it stores energy. Then, at night, you plug it in and it lights up. But as reporter Jennifer Collins discovered, many of the balls break down and end up tucked away under kids' beds.

OK, back to that lucky number. We'll talk to mathematics blogger Alex Bellos, who claims to have figured out which number is most popular around the world. You'll have to listen in to the show today to find out what it is...