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The Boston Marathon on The World for 4-21-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

It's our city, and the race is on.

The World's Matthew Bell is out and about in Boston today to capture the mood of both runners and spectators as the city stages the 118th running of its famous marathon, a year after the event was marred by two explosions at the finish line.

We'll also be checking in on the latest from the ferry disaster in South Korea. Today, the country's leader condemned the action of the ferry's crew last week as "akin to murder."

Plus, the latest in our Ninth Month series, which is looking at pregnancy around the world. Today's report comes from India, where one state has come up with a simple way to help save the lives of pregnant women...by ensuring they can make it to the hospital in time.

And one last note: it's not just Marathon Monday here in New England. It's also Patriot's Day, and that means a lot of Revolutionary War re-enacting. Contributor Alina Simone has the surprising story of Henry Liu, from Lexington, MA, who styles himself as the only Asian-American Revolutionary re-enactor.