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Earth Day, Belgian Waffles and The Quirkier Side of News on Today's The World for 4-22-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

Two of our favorite words to type on a Tuesday: Belgian waffles. More on that in a minute.

Vice President Joe Biden is in Ukraine to express America's support for the country's fledgling government. He pledged millions in aid, and took a few diplomatic swipes at Russia. We'll check in with the BBC's Natalia Antaleva who is monitoring the situation in Kiev. We'll also hear from Foreign Policy's Christian Caryl, who is just back from Odessa, where he says people are very fearful that Russia has more of Ukraine in its sights.

Also, on this Earth Day, we check in on a recent report detailing the threats faced by environmental activists across the globe. And, as if Britain wasn't wild enough...we have a piece from Christopher Werth about a movement to "rewild" the British countryside. First step? Reintroducing beavers.

And it's Tuesday, so that means our weekly Sideways Glance segment. The World's Clark Boyd has our look at the quirkier side of the news. He speaks with photographer Neil Hall, who recently shot a series of pictures for Reuters in the buffer zone between North and South Cyprus. He says time has essentially stood still since the buffer zone was created 40 years ago.

And speaking of anniversaries, let's get back to those Belgian waffles. Fifty years ago today, the World's Fair opened in Queens, New York...a landmark event because it introduced America to the wonder that is the Belgian waffle. Yum.