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Buried ET Atari Game Cartridges Found and Racism in Pro Soccer on The World for 4-28-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

ET, the video game, phones home. More on that in a minute.

First, we're off to Ukraine to get the latest from The Toronto Sun's Mitch Potter. He narrowly escaped being kidnapped by pro-Russian activists in the eastern part of the country. He'll tell us about his close shave and his uniquely Canadian approach to avoid becoming a hostage. Listen in for that.

Also, the NBA's LA Clippers have a full-blown crisis on their hands after the team's owner, Donald Sterling, was allegedly caught on an audio recording making racist comments. Racism is not, of course, unique to the NBA. In fact, professional soccer in Europe has more than its fair share of racism. We'll dig in on that story.

Our Ninth Month series, which explores pregnancy around the world, comes to an end today. The World's Sonia Narang is back from Pakistan, where contraception is available for women, yet many don't use it because of familiar pressure to have large families.

OK, back to ET. A few months ago, we told you about some Canadian researchers who set off into the New Mexico desert. They were looking for a landfill that was the supposed dumping site for old Atari game cartridges of ET, the video game. The game's been widely panned as the worst video game ever made. Well, some news just in...the researchers found the game cartridges, and we'll have the update.