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Co-Founder of Twitter on the World for 5--214

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

The Voice? America's Got Talent? American Idol? None of them hold a candle to Eurovision for stirring patriotic fervor. More in a minute.

We're headed first to eastern Ukraine today where pro-Kiev forces have launched attacks on pro-Russian separatists. We'll get the latest from the ground. Plus, reporter Jacob Resneck has been hanging out with some Ukrainians who don't feel their government in Kiev really was the wherewithal to fend off the Russians. And so they've organized their own citizen militias.

And tweet, tweet. Do you use Twitter? Millions around the world do. We've got an interview with Biz Stone, co-founder of the short-form messaging service that's proven popular with activists across the globe. We'll ask some pointed questions about what Stone thinks Twitter's responsibilities are when it comes to overseas users and governments.

OK, back to Eurovision. For decades TV viewers across Europe have been glued to the annual contest in which European countries choose musical acts, which then square off in a battle to be crowned champions. It was designed to try to bring Europe together. This year, though, both Ukraine and Russia will be fighting over the call-in votes from Crimea. It's musical war by proxy, and host Carol Hills will certainly do her best to get to the bottom of it