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FBI Wants Five Members of Chinese Military Arrested on Espionage Charges on The World for 5-20

Sure, Barack Obama stopped by a Little League practice. But Bolivian President Evo Morales is going him one better -- he's actually going to play for a professional soccer team. More in a minute.

First, though, we try to get a handle on the news that the FBI wants five members of the Chinese military arrested on charges of state-sponsored corporate espionage. The news comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin heads to China tomorrow. We can imagine some potentially interesting Edward Snowden-related discussions.

And we're sure you're wondering what it's like to hang out with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. Lucky you -- the BBC's Paul Kenyon has been "embedded" with some of them for the past few weeks, and he'll join us for a chat.

Plus, we've got some smart analysis of the ongoing Iranian nuclear talks, and the latest from the flood-stricken Balkans.

OK, back to Evo Morales: the 50+ year old Bolivian President is going to tackle something much bigger than politics. He's going to take a few turns for a popular Bolivian soccer team. One word: goooooooool!