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The World Looks at the Failure of the Ceasefire for 8-1

It was depressingly, but not unexpectedly, brief.

A 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire fell apart within hours in Gaza. As we head into the weekend, The World will bring you the latest from the Middle East. We'll hear what it's like in Gaza right now and we have more intel about the tunnels being targeted by the Israeli military.

Later, we head north of our border to the Canadian province of British Columbia, where Native Americans are taking exceptions to the rich and famous wearing head dresses. Yep, they're looking at you, Pharrell. The World's Canada desk, Andrea Crossan, will have the story.

On the face of it, the BBC's radio program, "The Shipping Forecast," sounds like the dullest thing imaginable. Minute after minute of esoteric data about tides and cold fronts intended for seafaring folk. But here's the thing, it's an immensely popular program across Britain. So much so that any attempt to change it is considered "doomed" from the start. Our own radiophile, Leo Hornak, will tell us more.

And a perfect end to a long week: have you ever wondered how different animals get their scientific names? Why, for example, there's a beetle named after George Bush, or a horse fly named after Beyonce? Our very own Shirin Jaafari's on the story for you.