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Tear Gas Advice for Protestors in Ferguson from West Bank Residents on the World for 8-19

Tweeting tear gas tips between the West Bank and Ferguson. That's today on The World.

Our man in the Middle East, Daniel Estrin, happens to be from the St. Louis region. Over the past few days, he's noticed residents of the West Bank using Twitter to send tips to protestors in Ferguson, Missouri. So, he got a Palestinian and a Ferguson resident on the line to get a better sense of the conversation.

Plus, we dig in deep on immigration issues. We have part one of the story of a undocumented immigrant couple from El Salvador who live in Baltimore. They have been trying to get their kids to the United States, by any means possible. That includes spending $10,000 on a coyote to help their kids get to Baltimore.

And here are two things we never thought we'd type in the same sentence: ISIS and Robin Williams. Let's face it: you want to know more. So, you'll want to stick around and listen.

One last story we want to mention. Dating is tough at the best of times, if memory serves. But when it's dating across cultures, it's even more difficult. Regular contributor Alina Simone explores what happens when Russians and Americans mix over a candlelit dinner.