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NIH Experts Explain About Ebola Patients Who Survive on The World for 8-22

Still lots of bad news out there but we'll have some Friday fun for you too.

First we check back on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Hamas says it has executed at least 18 alleged collaborators with Israel. The violence continues with daily airstrikes and rocket attacks. Daniel Estrin fills us in on the latest and any prospects for an end to the airstrikes and rocket attacks.

Despite all the grim news out of Iraq, Susannah George brings us a surprising story about young people determined to stay and build their lives there.

We'll check in with NIH experts about what happens to Ebola patients who survive. Marco finds out answers to the most basic questions - how do you know when you're no longer contagious, can you catch it again, what happens to the virus, and what do people still misunderstand about the spread and treatment of the disease?

On a lighter note, Shirin Jaafari profiles an American street magician who was adopted from Japan as a kid, and Pien Huang brings us a personal tale about her global search for clothing that fits.