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Libya and Syria Back in the News Today on the World for 8-26

Good morning.  Libya is back in the news as the UAE launches airstrikes against rebel militias there in a move that surprised the United States. We're chasing sources who can tell us what's happening on the ground, but also which regional players are behind this move and why. 

We're staying on the Syria story too - President Obama has authorized surveillance flights over Syria which could be a precursor to air strikes against rebels there. Marco looks back at the trajectory of the civil war there and tries to sort out who's friend and foe among the main players, from President Bashar al Assad to the most radical militants who call themselves the Islamic State.

Also today, Marco goes to see one of four original copies of the Magna Carta, currently at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.. The 13th century document was one of the first instruments to limit the powers of the King and give rights to his subjects. Our in-house history guy Chris Woolf tags along -- he'll fill us in on the meaning of the document in today's world.

Plus, Alina Simone tells us about a tiny museum in New York housing every day objects from around the world. We hear from film critic Aseem Chhabra what it was like to be an extra in Richard Attenborough's Gandhi all those years ago. And our own studio director April Peavey fills us in on British pop icon Kate Bush's first concert in 35 years.

Enjoy the show!