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Nato to Send thousands of Troops to Eastern Europe

NATO says it will send thousands of troops to eastern Europe in light of the crisis in Ukraine. Russia has countered by calling NATO a threat and vowing to change its military doctrine in response. We've got former US ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder, to see what he makes of these developments and get some answers. We'll check in on NATO's cyberdefense capabilities as well.

Plus Marine Olivesi takes us to the front lines of the battle for power in Libya. Rebels set up a rival government in Tripoli last month and parliament is meeting in a town to the east.

Also today, photographer David Guttenfelder grew up on a farm in Iowa and then moved overseas to ply his trade. He's now back after years away, photographing his own country with fresh eyes. You can follow him on Instagram @DGUTTENFELDER.

Expats aren't allowed to vote in this month’s referendum on whether Scotland should remain part of Britain or go independent but we still want to know what they think. WGBH's Liz Ross reports on the mood of Scots living outside their country.

And our friend Tamar Charney, program director at Michigan Public Radio, tells us why a musical find in Iceland put her vacation in a whole new light.