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More on the Coalition to Fight ISIS on The World for 9-12

What exactly is this "coalition" that will tackle the ISIS threat, and what are its chances of success?

We'll put those questions to Patrick Cockburn, Middle East correspondent for The Independent newspaper. We'll also explore how ISIS recruits young Western women to their cause, and try to get a handle on how moderate Muslims feel about ISIS, and about the American strategy to combat them.

Plus, a couple of stories from South America. The first is about a building in Caracas, Venezuela that's been dubbed "the world's largest squat," which the government is now trying to clear out. Then, to Bogota, Colombia to hear about a new anti-groping police squad that's taken to the streets to try to stop a problem that plagues many women in the Colombian capital and beyond.

And here's a question: you going to get a new iPhone? Do you know what will happen to your old one? We'll have an update on the problem of electronic, or e-waste.

From electronics to electronica, we'll end today's show with a look at this weekend's New York dance-fest. It's Turntables on the Hudson, and Marco will have a musical preview. A perfect way to start your weekend!