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Scotland Votes on Its Future on The World for 9-18

As Scotland goes to the polls today we visit a bagpipe factory in...Pakistan! The BBC's Shaimaa Khalil tells us about the family who runs it and how long they've made their living manufacturing iconic Scottish items.

US immigration courts are starting to decide the fate of tens of thousands of young Central Americans who entered the US illegally this year. But those are the migrants who actually managed to get here. Some are caught and deported by Mexican officials on their way north. KJZZ reporter Jude Joffe-Block (JAW-FEE) meets one teenager-now back in El Salvador- the day after he was deported.

Also today, a Greek ferry in Tobruk, Libya has become THE place to go, for cappuccinos and politics. Marine Olivesi reports.

The UK is cruising for halal investors. They're becoming one of the first western countries to create a "sukuk," an Islamic finance investment bond.

Plus, John Arquilla of the Naval Post-Graduate School in Monterery helps us understand what the military is for, from war fighting to humanitarian relief.