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The World Looks at the Dispatch of American Troops to Fight Ebola in West Africa

Amid all the crises the US government is managing around the globe, it's striking to see the Obama Administration dispatch troops to help fight ebola in West Africa. We begin today's show with a simple question: What is the military for? We'll explore the question in historical context and find out the reality of today's forces and what they're trained and equipped to do.

Also today -- from the fascination desk -- a colossal squid the size of a minibus, and a fashion designer who's making stunning patterns from images of cancer cells.

Plus, cell phone footage of a mini-revolution goes viral on social media in Pakistan. Passengers fed up with so-called "VIP culture" chased a former government minister off a plane after his late arrival kept them waiting at the gate for hours.

And finally, some good news on a story we've been following. Ugandan gay rights activist John Abdallah Wambere has won asylum in the U.S.  Last time we talked to him his future was precarious and uncertain after the murder of his friend and fellow gay rights advocate David Kato.