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American Coastal Cities Looked to Avoid Flooding on The World for 9-22

Big announcement today from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. It's divesting $50 billion dollars worth of fossil fuel investments. The news comes a day after climate change activists took to the streets of New York and on the eve of a big UN climate meeting. We ask what's needed to turn global warming around and whether marches and divestment movements are enough.

Also today, as sea levels rise, American coastal cities are looking for ways to avoid flooding. Who better to turn to for ideas than the Dutch? Over the past decade, Dutch engineers and planners have been devising nature-based flood control systems that are cheap - and effective. The US has much to learn, and the Dutch are willing to help.

Aaron speaks with correspondent Dalia Mortada about dramatic developments in Turkey. Dozens of Turkish hostages held by ISIS have been freed. Meanwhile an estimated 130,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees have crossed the border into Turkey in the last four days alone.

Plus, the next installment in our series on translation. Linguist Dan Jurafsky talks about the language of food, and how so many food items seem to get lost in translation.