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Eric Holder's Legacy Reviewed on The World for 9-25

Attorney General Eric Holder will announce his resignation later today. We'll look at his legacy, especially on global topics like the prosecution of terrorism suspects and the ongoing controversy over what to do about Guantanamo.

Also today, we reach out to a former realtor living under constant threat inside wartime Syria. He has two sons fighting with the Syrian Free Army against the Assad regime. He's worried airstrikes against ISIS will backfire and drive people into the arms of extremists rather than away from them.

Marco chats with a member of the Ukrainian band that made the amazing Knock Knock animation, which went viral this month. We find out how they made the video and what life is like in Kiev at the moment.

Yesterday we reported on India sending a spacecraft into orbit around Mars. A photo of women scientists celebrating the feat has gone viral, presumably because it smashes preconceptions of who Indian space scientists are and what they look like. Our colleague Rhitu Chatterjee, herself an Indian-trained scientist, reflects on the myth and the reality.

Plus, a famous French chef wipes meat from his menus and the UK mandates teaching computer science to 5 year olds.

And finally our own studio director April Peavey fills us in on the Kate Bush mania sweeping London.