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Marco Talks with Quetzal Maucci about "Children of Immigrants" on The World for 9-26

Happy Friday.

Lots of news for you today including the latest from our BBC colleague Lyse Doucet in Baghdad who's talking to Iraqi militias who want to fight ISIS without outside help. From northern Iraq, Susannah George reports on the plight of thousands of Yazidi women taken hostage by ISIS fighters.  She meets with a group of Yazidi women who've escaped; they're happy to be free, but don't see much of a future for themselves.

Also today, Marco talks with Quetzal Maucci about her project called "Children of Immigrants," -- photographing kids born in the US to immigrant families. Her images and their stories tell us a lot about ourselves as a nation.

From the satire desk, Elahi Izadi of the Washington Post  (also a standup comedian) tells Marco about the social media hashtag #muslimapology and what's behind it.

And, author Sean Lewis has this bit of good news: "There can't be a better time to be an American beer lover." America's craft beer boom is reaching other parts of globe, including faraway places like Australia and Japan. Our own beer guy, Clark Boyd, has a chat with Lewis.