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Ebola in the United states on The World for 10-1-14

Imagine fleeing a civil war in Sri Lanka, then a military coup in Nigeria, only to find yourself having to navigate the intricacies of American high school life? Pick your poison, right? More on that story in a minute.

First, though, we continue to follow the Ebola story closely, particularly after yesterday's announcement that the first case has been diagnosed in the US. We're headed to Nigeria, where fears of a widespread outbreak have, so far, not been realized. What's Nigeria doing right, and could it help other African countries in dealing with the disease.

Also, it's China National Day, and the streets of Hong Kong are still full of protesters. Our own Matthew Bell is right in the mix, and will take you to Mong Kok, the section of Hong Kong where many mainlanders live. We want to gauge their reaction to what's going on in Hong Kong.

Plus, the story of a word that is either a Cajun term of endearment, or a slur. It depends on who you ask.

And finally, back to the story of author Nayomi Munaweera, who came to Los Angeles by way of Sri Lanka and Nigeria. She's sent us a great audio essay about her First Days in America. Kids of 80s-era hair products will love it. She name checks Aqua-Net.