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More Developments in the Global Battle Against Ebola on The world for 10-6

The line between satire and reality blurs almost completely in war-torn northern Iraq. More on that in a minute.

First, we continue to follow developments in the increasingly global battle against Ebola. Today, we hope to take you to Guinea, one of the West African countries most affected by the outbreak. Also, we'll speak with Ethiopian-born Hussein Mohamed, who runs Sagal Radio out of Emory University in Atlanta. His programming reaches the area's big African--and mostly East African--immigrant community, and the main topics of conversation lately are Ebola, and American attitudes toward anyone of African descent.

Also, it's Nobel Prize season, which always means a lot of big words that no one really seems able to explain. Our regular feature, In Other Words, will give you a hand today, though. We're talking about the language of science, and about the origins of many of the words scientists use.

OK, back to Iraq. Reporter Susannah George has a story out of Kirkuk. It's about a new television show, a comedy, which pokes fun at Islamic State militants. A recent episode features militants outlawing ice in the middle of summer...